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Library Tours



At this year’s EFG Words and Wickets Festival, we will be organising a number of library tours to the wonderful Wormsley Library, the private collection of the Getty family.

148064136HE009_ENGLAND_WOMEThe library, which is themed The Art of the Book, contains leading examples of printing, illustration, illumination, calligraphy and, in particular, bookbinding. The collection’s earliest work is a 7th Century fragment which lays claim to be the earliest English manuscript, and continues through to the 20th Century, with some of the collection’s most flamboyant and elegant bindings.

Highlights of the collection are  too numerous to mention, but include rich and vivid medieval illuminated manuscripts dating from between 12th – 15th Centuries; the first edition of Caxton’s printing of The Canterbury Tales; Anne Boleyn’s Psalter; and the first folio of Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.

There will be four tours each day, with each tour lasting half an hour, and will be led by collection’s librarian.

If you wish to tour the library, please register your interest asap (they’re very popular!) at library@wordsandwickets.com. Let us know whether you’d like to visit on Friday 25th July or Saturday 26th July. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. NB library tours are only available to those who have purchased festival tickets and applied for a place prior to the day.